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Starting from the top:

Wig - Started with a 'Spike' wig from amphigory then trimmed down to the short buzz cut. An extension was added to the back for the 'tail' (not pictured).
The rooster comb is made up of 2 layers of blue craft foam (glued together at the edges) with hair glued to each side. Hair was also added to the perimeter to had the edges of the foam.
The piece sits on a folded piece of wire the goes through the wig from underneath and is attached to another cut of foam to hold it steady.
The 'comb' is removable for easy transport and storage.

Necklace - Started with 2 inch styrofoam balls ( the smooth white ones) and painted with 3 layers of gesso, 3 layers of green acrylic and 3 layers of clear gloss varnish. They were sanded in between the gesso and acrylic layers.
I had to make my own holes using a very long needle.
The red beads are 14mm agate beads that were purchased of eBay. The whole thing was then strung onto 16 gauge jewelry wire so that it would hold it's shape and not droop like most necklaces.
The red feather was then hot glued into place.

Mask - Bought a primed and ready to paint mask from Joann's Fabric and painted with a few layers of flesh colored acrylic paint. The eyeholes were then closed by painting some paper and taping it to the back of the eyes. A sharpie marker was then used to add the upside down U eyes, eyebrows and the cheek lines.

Shirt - Made from a linen blend and is a modified chinese dress pattern without the collar. I mad my own facing, lengthened the sleeves and modified the crossover. Closes with velcro.

Pants - Also made from a linen. Started with a wide leg pant pattern and cut it of at the knee. Elastic waist.
Bottom of the pants was hand crafted pattern to fit my calf then added to the pants. There is a small slit in the back if each leg by the ankle that comes apart with velcro so I can get my feet in and out of the pants.
The black detailing is actually elastic. The top and bottom straight pieces are machine sewn while the criss-cross pattern was hand sewn on while wearing the pants. I believe the elastic would move with my legs more and not be so constricting.

Belt - Basic belt = strip of fabric sewn into a tube, put right side out, iron and sew ends together *ta-da*

Made up of a navy blue cotton blend, a very light blue linen and a pink kona cotton.
Started with the navy rectangle and had to draft a pattern that allowed it to hang in a nice way instead of just looking like a blanket.
Once that was done then I hand drafted the light blue pattern pieces. Each is a diameter of about 3 inches. Cut out about 15. Used steam-a-seam to apply them to the cape. Each circle was then satin stitched to give them a better look.
After the top layer was done I then added the pink bottom layer.
The gold ring holding it together is actually a bracelet I found at the dollar store. The top half is sewn to the ring while the bottom half has a snap so it can be taken off easily.
10+ hours on the cape alone.

Hat and shoes were purchased either at a con or off eBay.

Staff - Top is made of a combination of model magic and paper clay. Sealed with gesso, black base coat, 5 layers of gold acrylic and 3 layers of clear gloss varnish.
The hanging rings are actually glow bracelets that were painted with the same technique.
Top ornament sits in a 1/2" pvc coupling that sits on a 4' wooden dowel. Dowel was painted with a brown gloss. There is a felt tip on the bottom of the staff so it doesn't scrape the floor.
I am planning on replacing the bottom part to make it taller. I just ran out of time to find something.


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