Venus McFlytrap

Monster High



Fabric: The skirt is Black twill, the Jacket is a glitter denim.
The rest I designed in vector and had SpoonFlower print it on their organic Jersey knit.

The logo on the jacket was done with Avery Dark T-Shirt transfers.

Used a Raspberry Le Tiger wig as the base and one long clip on for the Light Green to line the fringe of the wig. The fur was lux 1" pile faux fur in hot pink, shaved and dyed to match the Raspberry shade.

HERE is the tutorial on the wig!

HERE is what I used for body Paint the first time I wore her at Anime North with a review.
(I used PAX the second time)

You can see me in this video ;) at 0:54 and 5:54 talking and once more at the end.

< I'm at 7:22 on stage.


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Series Monster High
Character Venus McFlytrap
Variant First doll/design


Bloodredrose7 your body paint looks great! What did you use?

ashe2kawaii Oh my Ghoul!!! you make a fantastic Venus McFlytrap. *sheds a tear of admiration* definitely faveing!

Stormraven24 I've never seen a Venus cosplayer before and you are amazing! This costume is all kinds of perfect, and you even have an Chewlian! The wig and shoes are my favorite parts (MH shoes are always a beast, but you nailed it).

Kate-chan I've never watched the show or played with the dolls but I'm familiar enough of Monster High because of Tumblr and I know a great cosplay when I see one. The effort put into it shows and it looks amazing!

Thowra Amazing!

TortureBunni This is perfection! I love how you got all of her fabrics spot-on, and the wig looks fantastic.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Chewlian my pet I made on top of a dancing flower pot base but he is made out of carved upholstery foam, batten, wire, and fleece. The eyes are beads I got for my next project. ;)

naomi_censored Holy crap, this cosplay is super hot. *_* You look incredible!! Such detail! And the plush Flytrap is awesome; did you make it yourself?! I so hope I can see this cosplay in person at Fan Expo, because it is absolutely perfect!!! :)

athena98 I agree with "more MH cosplayers" ^__^ This is the best Venus cosplay I've ever seen. Really great! I like your "cute" pet Chewlian :DDD

Maikafish Yay!!! And I love the shoes!