Disney's The Little Mermaid



I recycled my Shiki Misaki wig into the cut and style of Ariel's. I didnt have enough fabric to make her undershirt on such short noticed so I ended up wearing a white long-sleeve I already had.

The bodice and skirt are all one piece. This was kind of an over-night cosplay since I had nothing new that would be remotely weather appropriate. The bodice is unlined thick black cotton with a zipper in the back and the skirt is a polyester mix from the fabric used for my Aqua in Wonderland cosplay.

The hairbow is a light blue cotton with interfacing that's handsewn onto a big ol hairclip.

i think I gave this cosplay to a friend?? I dont even know where it is right now OTL If I get the chance to remake it one day I'd like to have a longer wig, better makeup skills, a fully boned and lined bodice, a proper undershirt and to make the skirt from 2 circle skirts. Maybe one of these days... -u-


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Series Disney's The Little Mermaid
Character Ariel
Variant Blue town dress


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