Lacus Clyne

Gundam Seed/Destiny



This kimono was actually on of the first garments I ever made when I first started sewing almost 8 years ago. I used a simplicity pattern and made over the course of half a semester. I was very proud of it at the time but now I want to re-do the obi so that it's a real obi and not just a velcro belt.
The wig I bought earlier this year off a friend, it was originally intended to be used for fluttershy.
The Haro was gifted to me in by best friend and Cagalli. It is a Haro 2 so it does say Lacus and all the random things Haro says in the show.


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Created 7 years ago
Series Gundam Seed/Destiny
Character Lacus Clyne
Variant Kimono


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