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Kay Cosplay and I really wanted to make these and perform Temo Demo Namida for AX's Masquerade but weren't able to sign up before cut-offs. Another time!

Veil: I sewed lace to the trim of white organza and then hand sewed several silk flowers onto the veil. In the center of each flower I places a rhinestone using E6000. The top of the veil is gathered with elastic and two bobbypins are sen on so I can pin it to my wig. The white bow tails also have rhinestones glued on both the front and back sides of the ribbon.

The dress is actually made into 3 sections with a petticoat worn only under the top skirt to keep the gathers from drooping.

Top section: Includes the bodice and the topmost skirt with ruched bows. The buttons, ribbon and lace applique are all cream to stand out against the white. The shoulder flowers, lace and buttons were all hand sewn on. The little sleeve caps are ruffled chiffon but all the other fabric is bridal satin. In the back it closes with a zipper and the gathers of the skirt pull into a point. On top of that is the first layer of my butt veil (gathered plain white organza with thick lace trim) and a giant bow from the same wedding dress I keep mutilating lolol (This is the 4th cosplay I've used pieces of it for). The skirt gathers and all the bows are hand sewn in place.

2nd Tier: This skirt had an elastic waist so it's easy to take on and off. The front half is sequined white chiffon I cut on the bias and gathered. The back half lays under it and is a bit confusing. Its gathered similarly to the top skirt but with 5 vertical gathers (2 on each side, 1 in center back) and on each of those gather lines is a strip of gathered bridal satin with white ribbon down the center, much like the bodice's neckline.

3rd Tier: This also has an elastic waistband, which was kind of hard to do with the weight of everything so I may change it. This has the longest skirt and three more butt veils. The long skirt is bridal satin lined with sheer organza with gold swirling embroidery. I over estimated how much bias tape I needed to make for the trim...So I made 15yds when I only needed about 7yds. I don't know what to do with the rest! The trim is a gold brocade and on the outside of the trim is small lace bordering the edge. I wish I had photos you could see it well in! In the back there are 3 tiers of white organza for the butt veil that alternating types of lace sewn to the trim.

Shoes: In the series their shoes don't show so I ended up designing something on my own. Apparently there's an artwork that does show them though so one day i'll have to remake these.

The shoes are spray painted silver and then I used E6000 to glue over 200 rhinestones and flatback deco pearls into splayed patterns on the sides, front and heel. I also added gold trim I felt tied the color scheme to the dress more. On the back of each ankle is a white satin bow with a swallowtail cut and two rhinestones glued at each point. On the outsides of the toes are silk butterflies that have been painted white then also bejeweled.

Gloves: They started out with long tulle ruffles in one direction and had large bows on them. I cut everything off, cut and handruffled the tulle and handsewed it back to the glove. I made a beaded strand around the wrist and then sewed down a tiny creme bow on top of the ruffles.

The only things on the cosplay I didn't buy are the tights and the gold locket, which is actually my grandma's so I was happy to be able to wear it with the cosplay.


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pink-lemonade I love that you guys did these outfits! They turned out great! :D