Fuu Hououji

Magic Knight Rayearth

My dream Magic Knight ;3; And I finally made a costume for her. I am so happy.

The jacket, the skirt, the pants and the bow are self-made. The pants were so easy to made, I made the patterns by myself. But it was so painful to cover the buttons with the same orange fabric. My fingers were aching after the operation x/

I am not 100% satisfied with the jacket. There are some parts I don't like. But at least the yinyang looks good. I think it took me about 2 hours to paint it. Of course I couldn't paint the figure straight that way.

I originally planned to make a green shirt under the jacket. But the neckpart caused me troubles, so I just made a very simple dress and then I just attached the neck part to my jacket with safety pins. I hate the solution and it was really irritating to put the neck to its place. But yeah, I think it looks pretty good.

The shoes... are way, way too big for me, but they were the only ones with a platform. I borrowed a friend's shoes because it was quite challenging to walk with the shoes 4 size bigger than my actual size. So I had to black shoes with me at Tracon 8.

The glasses are bought from a Finnish craft shop called Tiimari (rip). They are actually reading glasses. And with them it is quite hard to look things which are located far. I also had green contact lenses that makes my iris to look bigger than it is. My eyes looked pretty big with the lenses, the make-up and with the glasses. :D

I also want to mention that my sister's Hikaru costume was made by three people: Serenity (as Shingetsu here), Eve and me. The hairband belongs officially to Serenity and she kindly lended it to my sister. She was also so kind to let us use her patterns she had made for her Hikaru costume in 2011. Serenity and Eve made the mostly the patterns and I pretty much sewed the parts together. I can say that I sewed the visible parts in her costume. Eve did that beltpocket.

I also made those golden parts (that button and the triangle tile), modified the gloves and her shoes. At the same time I had to make my costume as well. The week before Tracon 8 was really busy week!
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Series Magic Knight Rayearth
Character Fuu Hououji

Mae-Gwyn Ohhh I love this outfit! Can't wait to see more photos!