Neverland Mermaid

Peter Pan



Rock skirt- I found metal rods that were bent to form crewed circles and welded shut to make a hoop skirt. To keep the top hoop from sagging while suspended from my waist we suspended the second hoop from my waist with nylon straps and a belt then welded rods to hold up the top loop ( I hope that makes sense). The bottom hoop is then suspended by fabric. The fabric came with the rock texture already died onto it Once the hoop skirt was all welded and reinforced I covered it all with the purple textured fabric. The leaves were from Michael's. The pink moss was made out of shredded towel that I hot glued to the top of the rock.

Starfish top- I bought a flesh colored bra. I made a pattern for the starfish out of felt then I sew darts into them so they would fit the bra cups better. I then layered glue and sand onto the felt to give it texture that was similar to a starfish. There is a layer of glue first then sand, then glue, then sand, then glue then sand and then a final layer of glue so that any excess sand wouldn't fall off. Once it was all dried I stipple painted it with orange, yellow and red and a little glitter paint. Lastly I glued on pearls.

Tail- I cut out a cone shape and sewed it leaving the tip left open. I cut out the shape of my fin and coated it with epoxy to make it look shiny. I sewed the front of the fin to the front of the bottom of the tail and I hot glued the back side 'cause that part is impossible to sew. I then took the top part of the tail and sewed it to a wait belt backwards so I could wrap the wait belt around my hips and it secures in the back. I left some flaps from the tail at the waist so they could then wrap around my waist as well and hide the wait belt. The flaps are secured in the back with a hidden zipper. I stuffed the tail with batting then added large sequins in groups of 5 randomly all over the tail to imply scales.


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Series Peter Pan
Character Neverland Mermaid


gypsy_girl OMG. Wow, what a costume. It took me a moment to realize that you weren't sitting on a rock, that it was your skirt. Amazing.

Mohmoh What a phantastic idea!

~H~ What a super-clever idea with the tail and coral!!! I love this costume *_*.