Zombie Ryuma

One Piece



Geta Sandals: Made from a tutorial I found online (http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Geta-Sandles/#step1)

Yukata: Originally made from Simplicity 4080 pattern but had some issues with it. After lots of grueling search I found a awesome, reliable pattern (Folkwear 113). Pretty much follow the instructions, made a duplicate yukata for the lining and painted the design on with Tulip's Navy blue matter paint (non 3d).

Obi: Made from leftover navy blue cotton fabric that has interface to keep it stiff. I applique the sky blue symbols and use black embroider thread to define the lines. The back of the obi has 8 hooks and eye clasps. And finally I finish it off with some red rope glue with fabric glue.

Scarf: Made with blue fabric. (I forgot how long it measure..but I believe it was 2.5 feet long)

Katana: Brought online from lightintheboxonline.com

Wig: Commission by Fate Cosplay.


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Series One Piece
Character Zombie Ryuma


Brightworks There is so much win here I don't know where to start.