Asami Sato

Legend of Korra



This group with my friends was really spontaneous so I ended up needing to stick with what materials I already had so I wasn't able to do any of Asami's canon outfits. So! I designed something I feel like she'd have in her closet.

The red turtleneck is my tanktop from Street Fighter;Sakura. The pants are the most comfortable shit I've ever worn in cosplay <3 I love it haha. The same fabric was used to trim the sleeve cuffs on the jacket. The jacket is just black cotton.

Story of my stupidity; I forgot to bring the buttons i was going to use for this and all any of us had on hand by the time we were already in LA were bright, shiny buttons and a sharpie. So, i sharpied them black and sewed them on ;u; At least its not too noticable? /shot.

The boots I already owned <3


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Series Legend of Korra
Character Asami Sato


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