The Legend of Korra



This is so awesome to wear! I have lots of fun being an airbender (I always thought I was more of a waterbender, but now I know I'm definitely air). Needless to say, I will definitely be wearing this one again in the future.

I made every piece of this outfit myself (minus the socks & shoes), and drafted the patterns myself (which is why the neckline on the yellow robe is a way bigger than it should be, I need to fix that).
The materials are:
Cape, capelet & pants - suedecloth
Yellow robe - Jersey knit
Everything orange - some kind of suedecloth flipped inside out

Edit: I FINALLY HAVE GOOD PICTURES OF THIS COSUME!! Professional photographers really do know what they're doing haha.


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Series The Legend of Korra
Character Tenzin


kilted_katana Thank you guys!

Jiraval95 Nice Tenzin!

ladysphinx07 I saw you this past weekend at Ohayocon and you looked amazing! Awesome job! :D