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Good Omens



So two versions are here: one from WAAAAY back in the day and one from 2019 based on the Amazon Prime series.

The first is very simple! Just kinda threw some stuff together out from my closet. Hand wrote actual note cards though. And managed to find a real bread knife. Really wanted to make a tripod and go out at midnight to sketch some laylines. Aww yeaaah.

The second, updated version was bit more involved, but all bought. The first skirt (lighter) was grey-ish actually and I attempted to dye it since I already owned it, but it didn't come out dark enough so I gave up and bought another (not pictured yet). The top was originally white but I dyed it and it came out pretty much just how I wanted. The jacket was pretty much spot on, but I removed one side's buttons and added the buttonholes to be more accurate. The wig came as is but I styled it with a french bun maker so it would never come undone. The glasses I got off of Zenni because I wanted them to be prescription. :P Annnnnnd the book! I bought the base off of Amazon, got some gold and black Sharpies and carefully scored the back first. After figuring out what I needed to do with that, I recreated it on the front. I made stencils for the initials and wrote the title by free-hand. It didn't come out 100% how I had hoped it would, but whatever. :P


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