Ruby Rose




This costume was all hand-made! The shirt and skirt are both made from Kona quilting fabric; the skirt has a three-layer red netting petticoat. The trim on the shirt and boots is ruffled double-fold bias tape. The boots were my old combat boots that I repurposed with satin cording, trim, and acrylic paint. The cape is made of suiting fabric; I didn't want to see a hem-line, and I didn't want to line it, so it's actually just finished with fray-check, which worked really well. The cross pins were purchased from a Christian outlet. The belt and corset were pleather/vinyl. The rose emblem is craft foam and spray paint. The clip/ammo bag is my roommate's old cereal box, spray paint, hot glue, and more Kona quilting fabric. The bullets are spray-painted and taken from a Halloween bullet belt.
1/8/14: I just added the trim to the skirt and I'm working on adding ruffles to the petticoat. Also, I'm lining the hood and remaking the belt and bag. The scythe is partially done (courtesy of my totally badass friend Jake) and I'll be doing a photoshoot this month!


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Character Ruby Rose


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