Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite



I needed a Halloween costume, as well as a fall photoshoot costume so I decided to do Rainbow Brite. She's cute, and I figured it would be fairly straightforward.

Yeeaaaaah... not so easy. There are actually very few GOOD reference pictures of RB, especially of her back. I had to go find the movie on youtube just to figure out how far down the red ribbon goes. The length of her ponytail also varies, which doesn't help!

Overall though, this outfit was easier than some of the other ones I've done. The fabric is a twill and a lot of creative pinning went on to make the bodice fit! I think it took three tries, bah humbug. Store-bought patterns just don't work on shapes like mine, but I still need them for basic framework of bodices at least. One of these days, I will learn how to draft.

The red ribbon and gold ribbon are fastened on with hemming tape (and a bit of hand stitching). The stars on the gold ribbon are hot glued there. The star on my face is just one of those stickers you get in packs of 100 so I got plenty left over. :D The wig is the same one I use for Eve, although I might try styling a new one for a potential spring shoot.

The socks and arm warmers are store-bought (I just cut the feet off one pair of socks to do the arms) and the belt is from one of those places in the mall.

I need to find red flats to wear the next time I bring this costume out.


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