KoriStarfire as Super Sailor Venus

Super Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon SuperS

Super (2.0)

Cosplayer: KoriStarfire
I made this version of the fuku myself basing most of the construction design on Navigated and Goldenrodfairy's fukus so that we would match. The fabric used is the same as the old fuku but what happened was I gutted the old fuku entirely and started over from scratch since there were just way too many issues with the old fuku.

I started with a store-bought leotard as my base and everything on the fuku is basically attached with snaps. The boob armor was made by Goldenrodfairy and pulls on like a shirt and then the collar and bow snap onto that. the skirt is detachable (more snaps!) so that the leotard can be washed safely without ruining the rest of the costume.

I also got a new wig for the costume. I really wasn't happy at all with my old wig because the color just didn't do anything for my skin at all no matter how much blush I slapped on my face so I got a Rose in 25 (before they all sold out) and I love the wig so much. Its absolutely perfect in every way and it is so happy to be a wig and it brushes out very easily. The thing hardly ever tangles and I only needed a little bit of wig conditioner for it. It is my absolute favorite wig.

The Love-me chain was made on short notice by the wonderful Miri. Its fabulous and so is she and I cannot thank her enough!

Also, because I have gotten quite a few inquiries about this: This costume is NOT for sale. I appreciate that you really like my work. (It's very flattering and it makes me feel good that you like it! :) ) But I am not selling this costume or taking commissions. All PM's asking me to sell this costume to them will be met with a thank you and a refusal. Again, thank you very much! I really mean it that I appreciate that you like my work, but I plan to wear this costume until it falls apart.