hmwsg x as Aria T'Loak

Aria T'Loak

Mass Effect

Cosplayer: hmwsg x
5/2011: Thank you soo much for making my Acen a blast! I am so happy Aria was recognized and very surprised by the amount of people who came up and said they have been following my costumes.

I am also deeply honored that Ackson Creatives placed me in one of his fan videos. It was a pleasure meeting him and I had a lot of fun with Criana. Video here:

2010: This was a very very last minute decision. I originally wanted to redo my asari commando for Pure Spec 2010. I took a good look at the commando suit and thought "no freaking way" sooo I decided Aria would be more fun/easy to work on. It uh...wasn't really easy.
I finished the costume in 3 weeks, and used heavily modified patterns. It didn't cost too much either since I had a lot of the materials from leftover costumes. I still need to make proper pants for the costume.

The asari head mold is NOT my creation. I had it commissioned by Satine (her handle on coscom).