Aria T'Loak

Mass Effect

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5/2011: Thank you soo much for making my Acen a blast! I am so happy Aria was recognized and very surprised by the amount of people who came up and said they have been following my costumes.

I am also deeply honored that Ackson Creatives placed me in one of his fan videos. It was a pleasure meeting him and I had a lot of fun with Criana. Video here:

2010: This was a very very last minute decision. I originally wanted to redo my asari commando for Pure Spec 2010. I took a good look at the commando suit and thought "no freaking way" sooo I decided Aria would be more fun/easy to work on. It uh...wasn't really easy.
I finished the costume in 3 weeks, and used heavily modified patterns. It didn't cost too much either since I had a lot of the materials from leftover costumes. I still need to make proper pants for the costume.

The asari head mold is NOT my creation. I had it commissioned by Satine (her handle on coscom).


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Series Mass Effect
Character Aria T'Loak


elion_augustus Great costume! We're pulling together a group Mass effect cosplay ourselves for GenCon in Indy and seeing your process has helped a ton!~ A question, is there a link to Satine's commission page? Or is her username simply Satine and commissions should be directed to her via message?

Radian Aw your Aria is so cool :) Nicely done :)

katringa All your cosplays are so great, but I think this one has to be my favourite! You pulled her off so well! VERY impressive!!!

LadyAeducan Your ME cosplays are awesome! :D

Blaquewidowe Heck ya!!! Don't **** with Aria! Way to pull off Mass Effect cosplay. I'm going to do a FemShep one day.... *sighs* one day. Actually it might be this year :D Thanks for the inspiration

dipidulor Oh man! You are really getting better and better. First cosplay from you I ever saw was your tali. Im stunned by you making so much progress and your near to perfect asari mask imho. Your "companions" just dont do you justice. You are great. *bow*

soloknight6 best asari i have ever seen. great job!, aria is one of my faves. =)

Angeal awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

silkmonkey that's insanely cool o_o