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Shortly after the Avengers film came out, a bevy of fan art started circulating around the web. Some friends of mine liked one of the femme-venger sets consisting of character themed cocktail dresses. I was going to pass on it due to having too much to do and I'm not a big fan of small body-con dresses myself. A couple hours later, one friend popped up to tell me, in no uncertain terms, that I would be doing Loki. After a few rounds of debate, I finally relented on the condition that I got to design my own dress. While there was nothing wrong at all with the artist's design, my own artist mind just couldn't quite see Loki in a short body-con dress. Loki has a flair for theatrics, so I figured if everyone else showed up in cocktail dresses, Loki would show up in a full-fledged gown. Why? Because she could. So I quickly sketched out a two-piece gown inspired by the film versions of Loki. I didn't do an exact representation as I wanted to keep a high fashion element to it. Here's the costume breakdown...

Hair: My own hair simply blowdryed, brushing the hair back from the face then spraying the heck out of it for sheen and staying power

Makeup: I had tried more of a neutral palette for Dragoncon, but I found my lips tended to disappear in pictures and the makeup just wasn't that striking. It lacked the high fashion-edge. So I went for a more intense look for the photoshoot. MAC makeup artist Aisha Daly did the honours. She did a mixture of black and green eyeshadows with green glitter eyeliner on the top and gold glitter eyeliner on the bottom. False eyelashes. Black glossy lipstick.

Dress: All one piece made by my friend Angelica. (I designed it completely, but I can't sew to save my life, so I left that in much more capable and talented hands). The skirt has 13 panels in it to give it that wide, flowing look.
Green fabric - 100% polyester made to look like silk dupioni (we used the wrong side because it had a nicer sheen to it).
Black fabric - Polyurethane psuedo-leather skirt from the 80s we hacked up for the vest-like piece.
Shoulder - Brass zipper from Hobby Lobby, pulled apart with separate strands on each shoulder.

Necklace and cuff: Forever 21

Tights: DKNY - from overstock store

Shoes: My own black platform pumps (Aldo)


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Galacticat Wow, great job! One of the best Lady Lokis I've seen.

Athel Gorgeous rendition.

11thDrWho Very cool. Very very cool. Excellent job and an excellent costume.