Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Wow, thank you so much for the showcase! I guess I should write up a summary now! There's a lot going on with this costume so I'm going to try to keep it short.

Tunic- Definitely the most complicated part of the costume. All the embroidery (trim, frogs, and smaller details) was done entirely by hand, and the bordering is multiple layers of machine satin-stitching. I used about 7 full spools of gold thread for it. The tunic is in two pieces, the entire top is one piece for convenience (undershirt, sleeves, red/white tunic, and shoulder cups) and the flaps below the belt are separate. The top was hand-stitched over the grey undershirt and a zipper was hidden in the front. The flaps attach to the belt via snaps. Craft foam was used as interfacing for the white tunic since it was stiff and flexible enough. Wool felt was used for the grey undershirt and pants. Linen and a dyed patterned linen was used for the white tunic.

Belt- Craft foam with a ribbed polyester stretched over it. The belt is supposed to just look like wrapped material so the fabric was added in sections. The straps are foam with vinyl over top then stitched for detail. The buckle is a mix of wonderflex, foam, rivets, wire, gems, and clay. Lastly, the belt clasp is hidden in the back.

Pants- Highly modified from a pattern, there are a total of 24 gathered pleats. The pointed sides are supported with heavy interfacing. The gold details were embroidered separately then hand-stitched to the pants.

Helmet- The mask was the first thing made and it's composed of wonderflex and craft foam layers. The top layer (foam) was added in sections so the vinyl would lay flush with the foam. Paperclay was used to seal off the edges so it would appear one piece. The details were etched into the foam using a sharp clay tool and black fabric was added to help hide my face.
The helmet's base is wonderflex as well, it was done by overlapped multiple small pieces over half a soccer ball and then slightly flattened. The spiraling was done with craft foam and took at least 5 or more tries for me to finally get it right. The point was built up with clay and the decorative spike is a wood piece. The headband is more foam with vinyl over top, the details are wonderflex, more clay, rivets, and gems. Everything was painted and weathered by hand.
The scarf is a gold suede with satin-stitched stripes.

Bracers- Built over foam and wonderflex base the spiraling was done the same way as the helmet. By cutting thin craft foam into strips and carefully wrapping them around the brace. The borders are done with clay and etched. The bracers are one piece with a false seam carved in the side, the brackets were bought and then detailed with gems and clay.

Greaves/Shoes- The shoes were built over some ugly heels that I picked up. I cut down the heels a bit so the toe would point up more. Duct tape was used to make a pattern and then transferred to foam and vinyl. The seams were stitched for strength and hidden. The toe cap and detailing was done with wonderflex then hand painted. I modified a pattern for the greaves and built them up with more wonderflex, foam, and vinyl. The opening seam is hidden on the inside and closes via a simple hook and brad method.

Let's took 8 months or more to finish this costume. 3 of those months were hand embroidery alone.
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Series Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Character Shahkulu

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