The Rising of the Shield Hero



Ever since this anime came out, I literally fell in love with the anime itself and Raphtalia. So, it's not a typical raccoon, but that's what she is.

I started with her gloves since they were special types. They're made from both stretch and regular suede fabrics with a little bit of cotton. They took only an hour each (2 hours total).

Then I went in with the underdress. It's a sewing pattern, with a small manipulation at the top of the neckline. The fabric ribbed knit fabric with an invisible zipper and snaps in the back. The underdress took 5 hours and 35 minutes to create.

Once the underdress was done, I then went into the top dress. It's another sewing pattern with a small manipulation at the top. It's basically red and black basic cotton broadcloth fabric. The trim is actually yellow ribbon. It took 8 hours and 45 minutes to create the top dress.

For the ears in the picture, they were only a one night stand in until I can get my wig so I can sew on my second pair of ears. The ears only took 15 minutes each (30 minutes total).

For both the ears and tail, they're made from a nice orange fur that was bought on fabrics.com. The tail took only 10 minutes to make.

This is only 98% completed. All I need to do is create her 2 armors, 2 swords, her bracers (on the top of her arms and wrists), and get the correct wig so I can sew on her ears.


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Series The Rising of the Shield Hero
Character Raphtalia


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