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This outfit of Kurapika's has been on my wishlist for a while, but the fact that so many people have already cosplayed it, and the costume is readily for sale online have discouraged me from doing so until now.

It's getting a bit boring wearing the same Kurapika outfit to the Hunter x Hunter Only event every year though (and it's getting pretty worn out too after 7 years of wear), but I do like cosplaying Kurapika because I can use my real hair, so I feel like it's about time I made a new outfit for him.

I bought the blue fabric, zippers and other necessities at Yuzawaya in Kamata; for the yellow parts I'm using leftovers from previous costumes I've made. For the skirt I bought a pattern for a basic A-line skirt and made some alterations to it (like adding pockets); the top I'm basing on Kurapika's hunter exam outfit that I already have.

I ended up buying the white undershirt and pants from Amazon, as they were easy to find


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Series Hunter x Hunter
Character Kurapika
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