Akitozz6 as Aoba Seragaki

Aoba Seragaki

DRAMatical Murder

R+18 Native figure

Cosplayer: Akitozz6
My 60th cosplay character. After a couple of cosplays from Togainu no Chi, I tried another nitro chiral BL game character. This is Aoba Seragaki, the main character from DRAMAtical Murder game. When I was deciding which version to make, including his basic blue jacket outfit, I found pictures of his Native figure where he wears this black latex BDSM costume. That particular version was just way too sexy to ignore, so it was decided ♥. After all, not many cosplayers chose to make this version, so why not me? :D

About making:
This 'costume' is basically 3 things: chains, belts and an awful lot of pleather :D. It was challenging to work on this kind of material and make all parts work as they should, but I made it. Even though in this outfit I feel more like an underwear model than a cosplayer xDDD

Created in 2021