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Basically, I've always loved Erza, but out of all of her armors and non armors outfits, I've chose 2 armors and 2 non armor. Here's her Lightning Empress Armor.

The entire armor itself, her spear, and the sphere balls (all 4 on her dress and the big one in her hair) are ALL made from Wonderflex. This is truly a Wonderflex armor cosplay.

From her chest and back plates, shoulder guards, forearm guards, and shin guards, ALL made from Wonderflex. All were spray painted white, with the exception of the chest and back plates, due to a silver and white spray paint combination. All the hand designs were hand painted with acrylics. The shin guards, forearm guards, and shoulder guards were all placed and held onto my body with elastic bands. in the back.

To hold the chest and back plates properly, I cut out suede straps and some Wonderflex pieces. Everything is held together with nickel magnets.

The spear head and disk part is Wonderflex also, but the pole part is 1/2" PVC pipe with 2 wood pieces for the bottom. To hold the PVC pipe steady, I placed a dowel rod inside the pipe so it won't try to break apart if it wanted to. For the bow, it's a Gothic Lolita style bow with the exception of changing it's tails. It's made from ivory cotton.

For the dress portion, I decided to create a strapless dress that made from a cotton Muslin fabric. Once the back, sides, and front were connected, I hand painted the design of the dress with fabric paint.

As for the wig, I got it from Arda Wigs and braided it myself (mind you, I've never braided hair before in my life, until now). When braided, I took a black pony tail holder to hold it in place so I can place the 3" sphere in her hair.

The headband with bows are made from the same ivory cotton fabric used for the giant Gothic Lolita bow on her spear. Again, I created the same Gothic Lolita bows, only smaller and changed the tails as the giant bow on the spear.

For everything else, I made a flesh tone leotard for underneath and used flesh tone opaque panty hose (out of modesty purposes). The black gloves were purchased at my local Halloween store in 2018. With the thigh high stocking, they were got at my local Walmart.

She's will be at Anime Blues Con 2019


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Erza Scarlet
Variant Lightning Empress Armor


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