Princess Mononoke



For a while I've wanted to cosplay San from Princess Mononoke. I started this costume about a year ago, but am just now getting back to it.

Dress is my old Kiki dress. Since I found a better dress for Kiki, I decided to recycle the old one for San. I removed the sleeves and shortened the dress.

The tunic is made from a cream-colored stretch material. The fabric was originally for another costume, but since that costume is on hold for a while I decided to use it for San.

Wolf skin is made from white fur fabric and hand sewn to be double sided. Mask and ears are model magic clay in white then hand painted.

Knife is made out of model magic clay(blade) and sculpey clay(handle).

Necklace is made out of wonderflex(teeth) and beads that I painted. Earrings are also wonderflex.


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Series Princess Mononoke
Character San


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