Sergeant Calhoun

Wreck-It Ralph



Honestly, as much as I don't want to admit this, but unfortunately, it was a failed costume. I say this is because it literally started to fall apart on me on Friday at Anime Blues Con 2018. I had to drop out of the Cosplay Contest because of it. So, I will say that I'm going to remake this one day!

So, for the construction aspect, it's a black unitard underneath. 7 innocent Sew-On black velcro was sacrificed for this one costume. The creation of the unitard itself took only 3 hours, but the placing the velcro took 7 hours because I had to hand sew some of them to the unitard itself.

This was my very first attempt at LED lights, but to no real success, it would go from coming off the battery connection to disconnecting from the wiring all together. The armor itself is out of EVA foam.


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Series Wreck-It Ralph
Character Sergeant Calhoun


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