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I’ve cosplayed my favorite Jojo-son, why not cosplay my favorite Jojo-father? :)

When Kaiten and I first saw costumes from Bloody Stream single cover we decided we definitely must do them! They have many pretty details which have stolen our hearts. Spider web on the back, mexican-styled sleeves, chain and colorful badges on the pants are probably my favorite parts of Joseph costume.

Search of materials took A LOT of time. Only one T-shirt includes six different kinds of fabric! To be honest, we were terribly out of time while making these costumes because of other cosplay plans we were doing simultaneously so we had to sew these costumes really fast. We didn’t sleep at all before their presentation in defile, so I think there’s always a room for improvement (we’ll definitely restyle wigs and work on our makeup), but still I’m really glad we managed to do all the costume details and their decoration properly.

We'll definitely return to our favorite hamon bros, improve our images for photoshoot and other performances and of course make some new costumes for these two!

Defile video:


I'm glad that we didn't have to wait for the opportunity to bring these costumes on stage again for too long. We improved some details, worked on our wigs and makeup and made up the second defile we showed at Ani-Shinai in Kaluga (two and a half months after the first performance). Now I like our looks much more than before and I’m very pleased to see our new CaeJose defile resulted to be a lot more energetic than the first one.

Defile video:


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Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Character Joseph Joestar
Variant Bloody Stream single cover


Camui Tooru gypsy_girl, thank you so much! I love this detail too.

gypsy_girl Wow, that coat especially is amazing.