Tomoyo Sakagami




I made a summer uniform for a winter con, brilliant move there Amanda. But i do love love this costume, I've always wanted to cosplay from Clannad as I absolutely love the heart wrenching story and the adorable characters. And this is the result.
I was debating if I should do Tomoyo or Kyou, as those are my favorite characters, but I ended up doinf Tomoyo as I already had a long grey wig that would do for her. I also had all the fabric for the uniform at hand already, the skirt fabric is the same as in my Fem!Prussia coat, and the white fabric for the shirt was just fabric I had laying around for some reason. And as previously stated I already had a wig, which makes this by far my cheapest costume to make. I really only had to buy fabric paint for the school emblem on the sleeve, two buttons to the skirt and a zipper. Not bad if you ask me.
I really really enjoyed wearing it, I love this character so much and I like to express my love for a series through cosplaying from it, so this costume definately lies close to my heart.


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Series Clannad
Character Tomoyo Sakagami
Variant Summer Uniform


natsuo very cute :)