Oh hi.
I've been meaning to do this cosplay for quite some time but I wasn't able to get to it
right away.Because I was really busy.Being dead.Well anyway,that's behind us now.As
for the costume it's based off my own design.I hope you like it.Oh wait.You probably
don't. Murders don't have feelings.

Personality Cores: You probably don't remember what these are since they were
ruthlessly destroyed in the first game.These are made out of styrofoam balls and
drawn on with markers.Yes I know.Very science-y.

Boots: Well,I was originally painting a pair of boots for this costume but through many
trials and errors it just didn't work out,so I ended up just buying a normal pair of boots.
But hey,I'm used to trying to fix things that take long periods of time.
Like my damaged laboratory. Remember that?

(If you have any questions,feel free to ask :)! )


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Created 7 years ago
Series Portal
Character GLaDOS


Brightworks I still adore this cosplay, the make up is wonderful and the back is to die for.

Rogue-dono This is so awesome! I want to see more!

FieryFari @AshRudel Thank you so much :D!

AshRudel I don't think I can stress how awesome looking this cosplay is. It's got so many great parts and details to it.

kalel1992 Really awesome design. I completely love it and all that but..... really... where's my cake?

FieryFari @Shana I have no idea how to even attempt that but I totally agree XD Maybe some other time ;)?

Shana05 I've never played Portal but I totally can tell who you're cosplaying. It'd be awesome it you could do the "bound woman" pose.

KitoCosplay I'd like to see this cosplay when it's finished