Iron Pepper Potts

Iron Man 3

The last scene from the movie when Pepper goes all super ninja was awesome. I've always loved the design of the Iron Man suits from the movies, but never had the motivation to build an entire suit. When I saw that scene I knew instantly I wanted to cosplay her :D


Wig is "Kelly" by Sepia in #27, strawberry blonde. It's darker than I thought it would be, but I'm not terribly worried about it. I trimmed the bangs a little, but there is no other styling.

Top and pants are from eBay and Target, respectively.

The arm:
Since I don't know what version of the suit it's actually supposed to be, I used the MK4 templates from and modded them slightly.

The glove underneath is a satin glove with a fishnet glove on top, painted the same color as the armor on the hand and painted sliver everywhere else.

The armor is worbla; my first time working with it and I love it! Before heatforming, I painted each piece with gesso and sanded it with 500 grit sandpaper, 3 layers total. Final paint is cherry red gloss and gold.

I wanted that "arm ripped off the suit" look, so I added some "metal" worbla strips and cut wires, then distressed everything with sandpaper, a knife, and black and silver paint.

The light on the palm is an LED doggie collar light. I'm no electrician, so this seemed like the perfect solution for the light. It has a push button on/off switch, very user friendly! I loves it.

Tony: I roped my dear husband into our first official couples cosplay (we're usually enemies to each other, not actually a couple). The shirt was purchased on eBay and the jeans/shoes are his. I did some minor distressing on the shirt and next time will have the torn hoodie he's supposed to wear. My favorite part is the make up. I don't often get to do FX make up and I love it! I used black, purple, and red grease paint for the bruise, plus some gel blood, and for the scrapes I used red greese paint and a tiny bit of gel blood on a stipple sponge. Not too shabby I think :)

I'm still figuring out if/how I will do the extremis skin. I may just have to photoshop it.
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Series Iron Man 3
Character Iron Pepper Potts

ranerdis I am so glad to see someone doing this costume. It looks like it's going great!!