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Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%



Have you ever been thinking what would happen if you will be part of anime that you like? You don’t want to be in the shoes of one character of that anime but you want to create your own story only with YOU. Yes this is my situation ^^. I like Uta no Prince-sama very much, but somehow I can’t sympathize with any girl character (there’s only Haruka and Tomo-chan after all… maybe I’m simply envious...mabye XD) and… yeah… I have to admit that I totally fell in love with Ichinose Tokiya *blush*○^^○
So I create my own character look in this anime ^^. I have always wanted to have so long and curly hair… like a princess ○^^○ I create my last name as well! Yeah I know that “Chitose” is more common like a first name, but I found it quietly interesting to have it like that ^^. I like the fact that me and Tokiya have a number in our last names ^^
I chose a summer uniform because when I saw it on Haruka I really like it ^^ I like it more that that winter uniforms (color of that jacket is really not my cup of tea XD)

So I hope you won’t punish me for this my little dream realization ^^

Note: All papers on this photos are music sheets of Ichinose's songs like Nanairo no Compas, Believe My Voice or Independence ○^^○

Photo by: Martina Macíková


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