Final Fantasy X



Made Yuna for Otakon. It was a lot of work (lots of painting...) but it was worth it!!!!!! The staff I made literally the morning before Otakon. I didn't get the long earring done yet but I'm working on it ^.^

I also wore it to the Kurokiiro Festival on Saturday ^-^.

Worn for Otakon 2014, Tigercon, Katsucon 2015, and Tekko 2016

Earring was made using model magic and wood beads that I sanded. Acrylics were used to paint it and thin yarn was used for the tassel~

I now wear boots with the costume haha...

The skirt has been repainted multiple times~

For Tekko 2016 I reworked the shirt~

I plan on remaking this cosplay eventually. If you have any questions let me know!


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Yuna
Variant Summoner


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