While I did not make the pattern, I sewed the thing together myself, minus adding the zipper. It was the first time I've ever sewn spandex and I think it turned out pretty well. I also made the black frames for the eyes myself out of stick on felt fabric. The feet have black soles on the bottoms, though I would have preferred red. I bought a cheap pair of slippers from K-mart and cut the bottoms off and glued them to the bottom of the feet.

My first "event" out in this costume was at the Charlotte Checkers Superhero night on 11-30-13


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Series Spider-Man
Character Spider-man


CreativeGuy Thank you, Ammie and Ronigirl! :)

Ronigirl That is great!! You did an amazing job making that cosplay! :D

Ammie The costume looks awesome! I love all the shading in the outfit! Spandex is not easy to sew but you did a fantastic job on the costume! :D