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Mei Hoshi and I wanted to cosplay from PSG and somehow we convinced each other that Scanty and Kneesocks was a good idea...and that Transformation was even better. -_-"

How it's made (and trust me, it will be reworked majorly XD) HAHAHAAH NO IT WON'T I REFUSE TO WEAR THIS AGAIN:

Wig: Sea foam green and layered wig from eBay. I didn't want a curly wig, just something I personally don't like. Scanty's hair is impossible to replicate since it's a weird cloud like thing so I wanted to a natural layered look. I also sharpied a gradient, so towards the end of the wig it gets greener.
Top: Pattern made by me and the top is stretch vinyl over top of a base bra. The entire costume is black stretch vinyl. The silver thingies are cork circles I found at a dollar store near campus and painted with silver rub and buff. The ring on the color is made of model magic. Both of these are being remade, probably casting the silver pieces and either using a metal or wooden ring for the collar piece.
I HATE THE SPIKES, so I am remaking them. More than half of them fell off so I just screwed them for the first wear >>;
Bottom: I magically made the skirt like 1" too big and the belt like...1" too small...I'm not sure what I was thinking or even if I was.
I also dropped the leg things because there was no way they were going to stay on and no time to rig them.
I couldn't get my contacts in either coz my eyes were freakinggggg out.
Found the boots at Goodwill.
Oh and the horns were not staying up, but they're just made of craft foam, better rigging next time XD
Gun prop made by my dad! :D
The body paint is PAX mixed with bright red acrylic. Want to tone it down next time. And do my eyebrows XD
and make fangs and wings for next time!


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Samwise32 You are AMAZING!!!!! Best Scanty I've seen yet!! Let me know if you ever wind up going to fanime! =D