Hollow Ichigo




It's pretty much made the same as the Ichigo cosplay. I actually ended up making a good portion of it at the hotel. My mom helped me hand sew parts of it so I could make it in time. I'll be redoing those parts though.

I'll also redo the binding on the sword, because I did it really fast. Speaking of the sword, it actually started out as a regular Bankai sword, but I spray painted it white. I made the same adjustments I did with the other sword so that they would look the same.

The makeup I used is PAX paint. It held up really well over a 20 hour period. It just wrinkles weird when you make really exaggerated expressions, which is why I went for more subtle creepy smiles. I also painted over my eyebrows and drew new ones that were a bit more angled.

The costume is a little big on me, because it will be used for a cosplay my brother will wear sometime in the future.


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Series Bleach
Character Hollow Ichigo
Variant Bankai


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