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A new convention was suddenly announced for November 2011, so I wanted to do a new cosplay for this which I could make quickly. (Haha, look what that turned into... XD; )

His white pants and undershirt are bought, the shoes are bought and painted myself, the rest I made from scratch. In-progress photos and a description of how I worked can be found in these two posts:


I planned on doing this with my own hair at first, but I didn't feel like cutting it anymore, so I ordered a wig after all. Of course the wig I received looked nothing like what I ordered, so that required lots of cutting and styling to get it right. I'm satisfied with the colour though, I aimed at something similar to what Kaida Yuki wears in the musicals, and I think it's pretty close. ^^

I found a clip-on earring that is almost perfect for Kurapika on E-bay, however when I received it, it hurt like hell to wear it. &gt;< So I carefully 'stretched' the clip out a bit, so that it wouldn't pinch as much anymore.

In the end I did decide to make his weapon as well, because I figured it'd be difficult to come up with good poses without one. XD More details on the weapon can be seen here:

After Nishicon I wore it again at the Elf Fantasy Fair 2012 and Abunai 2012. At some later occasions like Abunai and Comiket I used my own hair again because it happened to be just the right length at those times. ^^


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