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Alice: Madness Returns

@Patz Elric


I finally decide to made a costume of the videogame of Alice Madness Returns created by American Mcgee, even when my mom and my aunt was terrified when they find out what kind of game is this and makes me felt a little guilty of wearing it...I felt satisfy and pretty when I wear my pretty blue dress! :D...I couldn't make the vorpal or my dress stain with blood...It was very difficult cuz' it looks pretty without it...and my mom didn't let me anyway xD!


@Patz Elric
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Series Alice: Madness Returns
Character Alice Liddel


Patz Elric Hello pRYNCESKA, my Vorpal is made with: 1.- A piece of carven wood to make the blade. 2.- metalized cardboard to cover it up, and make it look real 3.- flexible mass (it's like clay but even more tough) and cardboard to make the handle 4.- An a black marker for details Hope it helps you! :)

pRYNCESKA hi how did u make ur vorpal blade? 'cuz i cant find anything that looks the same...