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I've been super excited about this cosplay for about as long as I have been reading Bleach, and I was extremely happy with how it came out. I also happened to be cosplaying Toushiro the year that there didn't seem to be nearly as many Bleach cosplayers as usual, and the photoshoot was super nice. My friends were also cosplaying Rukia and Ichigo, so we had a nice team walking around.

The wig was from Amphigore, and took me about two hours to style with super strong hair spray.
The pants aren't exactly like real hakama pants. I didn't have really great Internet access, and as such didn't do enough research on the costume details until after I finished most of it. Still, they looks similar enough to the actual thing.
I am also really happy with the kimono top and the haori. The design on the back was an applique that I sowed on top of the white haori and then cut out parts of to complete: that was probably the most exciting part, seeing the design on the back emerge from the black diamond.
I didn't have time to get tobi socks or appropriate shoes so I just wore a pair of flip flops that I had with a regular pair of white ankle socks. The sword was a very cheap substitute that I found at the 11th hour the day before the con, and the green ribbon I actually bought 10 min before I got on the subway train to go to the convention. Talk about last minute cosplay work.

Overall, I am very happy with this costume. After three days of wear my wig started to unstyle, and I have to restyle it for the next time I want to cosplay, but Toushiro will definitely be making an appearance again. The next large project that I am planning on undertaking is making Hyorinmaru's ice wings. We'll see how that works out, and if anyone has any advice on materials/transporting large props on the subway, feel free to PM me! :)


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