Sherry Birkin

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles



In 2010 Ammie and I were discussing future costume ideas when she brought up the idea of doing a Resident Evil 2 Cosplay group. Ammie is a fantastic Claire Cosplayer and our friend DragoonLance (who makes an awesome Leon) was invited to be a part of the group as well. I offered to Cosplay Sherry as I can never pass up a chance to Cosplay from RE games with my friends. I’ve Cosplayed a number of children from survival horror games, not to mention damsel-in-distress type characters, so Cosplaying as Sherry was right up my alley. XD

I made the shirt and shorts using a simple PJ pattern. The whole costume took me about two weeks as I worked on it when I found time in the evenings after work. It was pretty simple and a lot of fun to put together.

My locket and the school crest on my shirt were made by my friend Adrien.

Being a part of a Resident Evil group with my friends DragoonLance and Ammie was amazing. I met both of them back at Fan Expo 2008 because I organized a Resident Evil photoshoot at the con and back then they Cosplayed as Leon and Ada while I Cosplayed Ashley. We came together then for an impromptu group and I’m glad that we got another chance to Cosplay together from another Resident Evil game. I’m also really happy with how quickly I was able to make this costume. It’s not a very complicated design, but after draining myself working on Shinku in the spring, I wasn’t sure I was going to feel up to making anything else this year. Working on this costume really reinvigorated my interest in sewing. (^^)


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Series Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
Character Sherry Birkin


RedfieldClaire One of the best Sherrys I've seen! Good work!

AliLove95 can i see the costume close up?

Ammie Your Sherry turned out amazing!!! You suit the character just perfectly! I love everything about this costume!