Megurine Luka

Vocaloid 2



Megurine Luka from Carousel of Liars (Usotsuki no Merry-go-round)

Based on this artwork >>

(Hatsuko @ Pixiv)

(It's Danbooru guys, the picture itself is not NSFW, but the site is, beware)

(One of my favourite songs from Luka, how Jazzy it is!)


I've been waiting for a chance to finish up this costume, at last! *throws confetti*
Not to mention I get to do a photoshoot at my dream location &gt;W<


The costume itself is consist of my wardrobe items, so nothing much to be add on, just a few props & accessories ^W^

Props List:
- The white mask
Didn't get to do the cross-eyed thingie 'cause the gap between the eyes are too close D888 But I sort of like it, it has that Joker effect =DDD

- The red-&-black half-mask
I was re-reading the lyrics, it mentions something about red, so I was like, "Hey, why don't I do a red one to go with the white one?" The design is more elaborate, a contrast to the white one & I love the flowers on top of it *W* Too bad my clear varnish spray was finished up already, I didn't get to seal the paint & now it's all smudged up OTL

- Magician staff
Initially it was used for Beatrice, but the staff head was broken, the only thing left was the stick, & somehow it looks like a gigantic magician staff, so I decided to use it XXD Posing with it is awesome *W*

- Carousel music box
Courtesy from Rin-chi, my saikang/helper of the day, thank you dearie! <3

A gift from my beloved Pa-no, thank you sweetheart!


Special Mention: Bowtie
- I was in a rush, so what I did was get a white felt cloth, which I happened to have in my possession, sew it up into a bow, SPRAY PAINT IT WITH BLACK PAINT XXXD Slip a thinner ribbon behind the knot & here you have it, a bowtie!

It actually works! Works really well, it's all stiff & nicely shaped =DDD The only thing is that the spray paint odor is quite strong, I need to blowdry it to get rid of it, fortunately it's almost gone during the day of photoshoot ^O^

Lesson learnt: Next time use the colour you intended to go for, & use a odorless clear spray paint to have the shaped maintained XXXDDD

For bonus, after the photoshoot few days later, I was walking around the mall near to my house, & I FREAKING SAW A BEAUTIFUL BLACK BOWTIE ON SALE XXXXD & it's quite cheap too XP


1st time working with ARC AKA Alex =DDD Nice working with you Alex! I haz fun & thank you for all the fetches you did for us! & manage to meet new friends as well, you guys are so adorable *huggles everyone*

The pictures are still in progress, so please bear with the slow update, & stay tuned! *winks*


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Megurine Luka
Variant Carousel of Liars


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