Legend of Korra

Luckily my hair was a good length and color for Korra, so all I had to do was make her hair tubes. I used a boba straw for the 2 front ones and a gum container for her ponytail. I covered both in blue scraps from the shirt and hotglued a shoelace around the edges.

For the shoes I handstitched short fur and brown strips of fabric onto some Uggs I've owned forever.

The shirt is a thick spandex with white trim. Adding the trim to the collar was such a pain in the ass. I had to finish some of it by hand because my machine was just not having it.

The skirt was made with 2 different brown cottons and the blue is the wrong side of some satin I had laying around. The long white fur was sewn on by hand. The underpiece velcros to the side then the whole thing ties with the blue sash.

The pants were super quick to make, I just copied the pattern from some pj shorts I own and extended them to be full length. The fabric I ended up using is surprisingly water repellent! Even though I was shooting at the fountains at Fanime, all the water just rolled right off me.

I didnt have time to buy navy spandex for the armlets, so they're a cotton with white spandex trim like the shirt. So their fit isnt what I want, but they're not so bad at least.

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