The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



This is my third cosplay, and considering that I've been cosplaying for hardly a year when I made it, I am so very proud of this one. Midna is, next to Link, my absolute favourite Zelda character, so I just had to cosplay her! However I was rather afraid in the beginning, since it is a really difficult costume.

It was really hard work, the most difficult part was actually to figure out how the whole thing would work so it would look as close to the original as possible and not fall apart. I spent hours only trying to get an idea of how the cloak could be made...

The parts not entirely made by me are the bodysuit and the wig, of course, which I bought on the Internet. The suit was however cut in shape, sewn and painted by me ^^

The designs on both sides of the cloak and also on the skirt were painted over many days by hand.
The accessories are almost completely made out of Worbla. The crown is made up of two parts:
the antler-thingies with the jewelry that goes down to the forehead are attached to an alice band (also made of worbla) which is simply placed on my head with the wig on. I made the pearls that connect the antlers and the jewelry out of wood. The horizontal part of the crown with the two heads is two pieces of worbla attached to a wooden stick. One of the heads can be taken off, so the whole thing simply can be sticked through a hole in the hood that is tight enough so the whole thing stays in place.
The hairtie is simply pressed around a round clip that I found in a shop.
The bangs were annoying, but the design is not too hard. I took some orange foam and wire, cut the foam in shape and sewed the wire onto it, as well as two normal hairclips. Then I carefully glued the hair onto it with hot glue and tied the bow which I also secured with glue. There is a little button on the bow and the back of the hood that keeps the bow in place.
The parts of my body not covered by the bodysuit are painted in light blue body paint.


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