Hatsune Miku

Vocaloid 01

I totally shit out this cosplay, sorry, its awful.

The shirt is a thin cotton I sewed into a boxy shirt. I added a white lace trim to the bottom and threaded red ribbon through it. I made a waist band from black ribbon, black lace and then a final layer of white lace, it snaps on in the back but kept slipping down. I trimmed the neckline and sleeves with the same white lace as well, but you can't even tell in photos oops.

My crown was made of cardstock and hotglue and sewn to two bobby pins.

My hair ribbons are probably the only pieces I've kept from this cosplay. They are tied with several layers of black, white and red ribbon with a yellow daisy glued in the center of the knots.

All the other clothing I'm wearing is stuff I already had.
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Series Vocaloid 01
Character Hatsune Miku
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