Yoshino Karen / 芳野香蓮

Trinity Tempo



Im going to redo some of this cosplay when I lose weight. Probably wont be until August 2016

A white shirt was bought at the thrift store. Black and yellow ribbon was bought, sewn together and put around.
A small bow is placed on the left side of her hair. The one bow that held up the hair was lost. The other bow was removed to avoid 2nd lost.
Green fabric was sewn on the places. The skirt was a cheerleader skirt bought online. The sizes run a bit..small?
The skirt ended up being too small for my hips and too big for my stomach. It was pinned in the back for this purpose.
The wig was terrible quality, but we were running low on money. Store bought, iron on letters were used to spell out "Trinity Tempo" terrible decision.
The shoes were regular white shoes. The legwarmers were fluffy and hot but because of my type of legs I barely noticed. Ribbon was put around the top, it ended up being too loose.

The pom poms were crafted from table cloth & a youtube tutorial.


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Series Trinity Tempo
Character Yoshino Karen / 芳野香蓮


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