I made my boyfriend dress up as Dark Walter for my enjoyment while I work Girlycard. So I thought the least I could do was make a costume he wanted me to make. He chose Misty. I'm currently still making his Ash.

The shirt was purchased from Joann's and altered. I made the suspenders from scratch because most suspenders have adjustment clips and Misty's do not. I bought some heavy red cotton belt material, some suspender clips and sewn them together. I criss-crossed them in the back and added foamies, coated in primer and gold paint, to the top of the clips to get the triangle clip look. The shorts were bought and altered. The shoes were painted with Jaquard's fabric paint.

I completely took apart an Arda Wigs Ferrari and restyled it. I also used a Curly clip to get the extra hair I needed.

First I took hair from the middle of the wig and added it upside down to the bottom so that it curved over the side of the wig to get the desired 'up-do' look that up-do wigs have. I then used a hair dryer to help pull the hair to one side and put it up in the ponytail. I then used got to be and hair dryer and thinning scissors to make the ponytail stick out and spike. It took alot of styling to make it not look like GOKU HAIR PONYTAIL but to also make it look like it was sticking out like Misty's.

I then had to add hair to the bangs going back into the ponytail and going forward. The Ferrari's aren't made to be pulled back so the wig cap was showing a bit where the hair separated from the bangs to going back into my ponytail. I added about three layers of wefts going back into the ponytail and going to the front. I styled the bangs like her's and Bam. My first, what I would consider successful, major wig styling job.

It was kinda nice to cosplay a character I loved growing up, but was afraid of cosplaying because of my age. I liked not caring, you know. I can't wait to get his costume done and take some fun pictures. I've also got a swim suit that looks like her gym trainer outfit from Blue/Red.


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