Ilionej as Cremia


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Cosplayer: Ilionej
Cremia is the owner of the Romani Ranch in the southwest of Termina. The ranch is named after her younger sister who lives there with her. Their parents died some years ago, which left them with the ranch, the job of herding the cows and producing the delicious milk for Termina, on top, the famous and expensive Chateau Romani, a special milk that will strengthen everyone more than any other natural product.

By now, the cucco-lover Grog and Mamamu Yan who breeds dogs and hosts races of them joined the two on the ranch.

Due to the good business with the milk, the sisters even have enemies: two of the unfair, jeallous, greedy and luckless Gorman Brothers who own a horse race parcourt in the near.

Their counterparts are young(Romani) and adult(Cremia) Malon in Ocarina of Time.