Scissorman Ralph

Clock Tower 3



Let's face it: I love survival Horrors, from the first to the last one.
But one of my favourite is Clock Tower 3...some people might ask "How come you prefer a game where the main character is a harmless girl with no weapons, which can only run away?"
...the answer is quite simple, actually: Because it is original, and it's really frustrating due to Alyssa's weakness, and that is a good challenge for your patience.
Clock Tower 3, however, is not really that scary, it is more a creepy humor kind of game.

Anyway...once I reached Scissorman and Scissorwoman part, I fell in love for the two crazy twins.
My dream was to cosplay one of them, and during Lucca Comics I finally made it.
And we also joined a Cosplay Contest! Here is our skit!

I recently made a single exhibition with the improved version of this costume:

Recently,me and my cousin brought the ScissorTwins to a Con. We took a set of both of us and also made a skit! If you would like to check out our performance:

Since now it seems that it is my most difficult costume. Make up is not easy because it takes at least 1 hour among covering eyebrows, contact lens insertion,collodion applications in order to make a proper scar...but the wig...the WIG!!! That is the most time-taking piece. My head needs at least 60 hairpins to keep in place the wig.


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Series Clock Tower 3
Character Scissorman Ralph
Variant Mix between Artwork and CGI Design


Hissora Omg! Thank you so much for doing this costume! This is an awesome character and the cosplay looks aweeesome

I_Am_Rogue This is a scary and great costume, but after looking at the pitures, first thing that came to mind was "she would make a fantastic Assassin from Diablo II!"