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This is my second attempt at the Organization XIII coat. It is made of a polyester blend and can get quite warm ^^; But I think it's lovely. The only blaring inaccuracy is that Vexen's sleeves are supposed to be longer, and I will definitely address that on my third time around.

As for the shield, it is made entirely out of a sturdy cardboard, hot glued together with the edges covered with masking tape. It is hollow inside (so it is very light), the sides reinforced with supports, and the spikes are removable for easy (easier) transportation. This one is more accurate than my first go at it, although it is a bit large. Unfortunately, I rushed the construction of this one because the con was in three days, and I wasn't entirely happy with it. I allowed it to be crushed on the way home from A-Cen, so now I have to make another one.


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Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Character Vexen


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