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Another game I'm "late" to oh well atleast I'm not totally behind the times <,< Another plus to this is that I won't have to use a wig for it :D

Boots - I ordered the boots off of avon(compliments of mom's flourishing avon business) and I took them in a little bit just for a more fitted look. I hand sewed those parts that were "taken in" and I believe I almost got carpel tunnel from doing so on BOTH boots -_- Anyway I decided to do covers for these boots since they were black when I got them and were like suede cloth or something. It took me 2 weeks to complete the covering and I used different colors in suede cloth type fabric.

I used eyelets in bronze although on the top back is gold because I didn't realize I had the bigger bronze ones probably from my madoka jacket -_- Anyway In the back I looped like a suede lace through twice and knoted it and on the smaller eyelets I used a lace that was a little thinner then a shoe lace. The back was the only part that took different fabric because I couldn't get the suedecloth that light so I just got a fleece for that. The top is held together by what I was able to sew on wit my sewing machine(this was mostly a hand sewed project which is why I started them so early) and 2 pieces of elastic for the bottom 'a the boot.

Gloves - Well what can I say you trace a hand, sew it by hand and you got a glove. But this time instead 'a cutting out the trace and using that to sew I decided to make a base stencil this time for it then use that to work wit. It made the gloves come out alot cleaner.

Top - Ok so this literally took me almost the entire month of february just to make. I'm actually gonna break it up into different parts so it doesn't get too confusing trying to explain everything.

base: This was the first time that I used a different color under what was on top. I used a crimson red I'd say cotton cloth(or whatever not good wit fabric names) and the grey suede cloth on top. For the different pieces that were cut I used actual binding tape this time as opposed to my usual method of just using the fabric on the edges. I also used the binding tape for the detailing on above those pieces on the top. Also I ironed a little piece of the bottom weight cotton for the neck line and sewed that right in.

Sleeves: Ok so I figured for the sleeves I would use a fabric that was a little more fluttery and light not only because I'm wearing this in the summer but because thats what it looked like in the reference picture to me. I'm not sure what this fabric is called but I used it in black for my mikuru skirt <,< Anyway I used cuffs above my elbows on each side and tried to keep the lenth of the sleeves a little longer(to cover half my hand). At the bottom I just kinda sewed it outward then came in(like a diamond shape I guess) and at the bottom of the sleeves I used a remnant of the red suede cloth from my boots. At the top of the sleeve I used a brown fabric(not sure what its called) but for that design I drew it up first then cut pieces out and hand sewed it on to where the top 'a the arm is.

Back flap/cape: Ok so this I used a thicker cotton kinda like a bottom weight white along wit the same brown I used for top of the arm design things. I used the same method for the detailing on the back of the cape where I drew it up and then sewed it on. Although that I got to use the sewing machine because it wasn't connected so thats good. I made the cape kinda like an accessory where it stays connected to the top by means of several snaps at the the neckline piece and the shoulder. I then topped that back piece off wit 2 little orange jewals. Once again that's what it appeared to look like for me.

Pants - I decided to make the pants because I couldn't find the blue I wanted xD What "tights" come in blue anyway? I actually had to remake these because the first fabric I used was more the shade of blue I wanted although it had no elasticity to it and because of the way I'm shaped I can't have zero elasticity for anything xD I had gotten a another fabric(the one in the picture) from walmart of all places and made the pants, cut them to the lenth of capris. I purchased a similiar fabric(not the same spandex-y type but more like a stretch cotton) for the "detailing light blue. The pants were so tight that I couldn't really pin it. Instead I marked where I wanted the sky blue pieces to go wit a marker and hand sewed it in place.

pants(cuff things) - I cut about 6 inches(the extra inch to fold over) of a white piece of fabric and a thin piece for the strap that goes inside the fold. I proceeded to use the red suede cloth from where I started on the boots to embroider in for the design as accurately as I could xD The cuffs go on and stay on by means of snaps applied to the pants and to the cuffs on the inside so they aren't visible and they close in the front wit hooks and things. They're not hook and eyes but I'm not sure what to call them. They're functional anyway so I guess thats good enough to call them.

Belt - Not sure what this fabric was but I found it in the suede cloth aisle at jo anns -_= Not quiet the same as suede cloth though :o Anyway The fabric was a little thing so I lined the inside with black pleather and sewed all 4 peices together. Once again I had to do some drawing again for my own little pattern of sorts and I got a military style belt for this.

Ok so I found the antique brass 1/8 eyelets after having felt like I've been all over the world trying to find them. Actually no "all over the world" to me is just an ez pass toll across the river -_= Ok well anyway I found them and I put the suede lace to use by threading them through both sides and through one hole. I ended up sewing the back pieces together where I cut the lace together and lets just say I needed more thimbles then what I had. Oh well my fingers won't be too sore for long because they're used to this type of use -_= The hardest part was placing the eyelets on the white fabric in the middle. I had forgotten that that fabric frays like a shoe lace and I had to be very careful there. Oh well thats taken care of anyway.

necklace thing - Well its been a long time since ceramics class but I got some air dry clay for this one. I sculpted it using the ol' "techniques" as they call them but yea I used my rat tail comb and my shaving cream bottle as makeshift equipment xD Oh the wonders of improvising.

Ok so after a slight mishap where my first one broke and I scattered to remake another sunday and let that dry for its 3 days and such, I just finished painted and glazing the necklace today. I used acrylic cerulean blue paint and clear gloss glaze to complete it off wit a shiny glossy look to completion.

Final touches: I made some pieces of fabric to hold the necklace to the top. I sewed it on one side and sewed a hook and eye to the other side on both pieces so they can come off at anytime. Luckly for me they don't weigh the top down so much that the snaps don't hold.

Now all thats left to do now is wear it :D Although that has to wait untill june ;p

minor detail: I had stick on earings ;p


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ShadowDrac Larsa! Awesome! It looks amazing so far. I can't wait to see the final results~!