Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear

Tales of the Abyss



Worn for:
Bash Con 2012


Ani_Taku is my Asch~ <333

When I wanted to cosplay Natalia, I thought of which outfit would be the easiest to pull off first based upon my sewing skills.

When I saw Tropical Butterfly in the game I thought 'I could do that!' and started looking into the outfit.

Wig - Borrowed from a friend

Costume Construction:

For the top I cut a 24''x24'' white body towel in half folded over once length-wise. Two strips of 12''x9.5'' fabric of the 24'' towel was used length-wise, once cut, folded over once for thickness. The edges were then hand sewn shut, snipped, and burnt to prevent fraying. The middle of the two pieces was handsewn together, made taught by stuffing one end inside the other, half an inch down, and sewing through both pieces for extra stability. Two 6''x7''rectangles were cut from scrap and glued on the outside edges of the towels, 3.5'' from the edge. Also sewed shut and burnt to prevene fraying. A small 3''x7'' rectangle was once again cut from the scrap and sewn onto one of the 6''x7'' rectangles, folded over, and put 1.5''down from the edge. A snap was then sewn to that small piece, as well as the edge of the second 6''x7'' rectangle. Finally, the small, 1'' edges of the big towel,near the small strips, were folded in and sewn down, to create a nice, creased look against my neck when wearing the whole thing.

For the skirt 111''x42'' of light blue fabric was used, triple layered for comfort, and thickness. A 1' hem was hand stitched on both sides, as well as the bottom. A large, 4'' snap was carefully sewn on each side of the fabric. With the snap, the skirt sits neatly on my hips, and doesn't bnuch up or ride high.

The head towel was made from a 16.5''x25.5'' hand towel, folded over halfway for thickness. 2.5'' of that was folded inside and then carefully hemmed along the edges. 1'' pieces of Vecro were glued onto the towel vertically .5'' from the left edge, and 4'' from the right edge. Those extra 4.5'' makes the towel snug, and fit to my head.

The arm band was made from an 22''x3'' piece of the light blue fabric, folded over in half length-wise. The edges were folded inside half-an-inch and hemmed with a hand stitch.
A small half-an-inch strip of elastic as then sewn on the edges of the fabric, allowing it to be stretched over my arm to fit on my bicep.


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Series Tales of the Abyss
Character Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear
Variant Tropical Butterfly


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