The Medicine Seller

Mononoke (TV series)



This is my most complex and challenging costume to date. Several firsts happened with this one. First:
- costume made entirely on my own
- crossplay
- costume with a prop
- use of prosthetics (the ears)

This is also the fastest I ever made a costume. I started in February 2011 and completed it a few days before the convention (May 2011).

Its mostly made with cotton and cotton blends. I made up the pattern as I went along, although it is loosely based on a pattern I have for a happi. The pants are traced from some pajama pants.

For 2012, I fixed up some of the parts I didn't like... such as:
- The obi is now painted taffeta
- the geta were remade and given yellow hanao (straps) unstead of red ones
- the sword now has hair wefts on it instead of faux fur


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Series Mononoke (TV series)
Character the Medicine Seller


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