This was my first "anime" cosplay. During the early point in my cosplaying life I only would wear live action outfits, and stayed away from anime cosplay. But shortly before a con my friends said they were doing a skit of the Akatsuki. I volunteered to help and picked to be Tobi since I enjoyed the character.
Saddly the skit didn't happen, but Tobi made me realize I could cosplay anime characters rather then just live action.
Cloak is bought, Mask was made by me. (upgraded over time) While the shoes were painted by a friend.
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Series Naruto
Character Tobi

momoiru1994 omg tobbi!! :DDD nicee!

~H~ Very nice work! Especially on the mask ^_^.

LinkPwnsGanon Good job on your Tobi cosplay! I still wanna cosplay as Hinata someday